Johnny Knoxville in One Bourbon, One Scotch and One BeerNearly a decade after it’s original airdate continues to build upon the MTV franchise. The website, which is in its “fully erect” stage, is everything Jackass from photos, to blogs, to outtakes, and original web programming. Johnny Knoxville, whose name might not be synonymous with his acting career, has created what he calls a relaxed talk show web series, One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer. Knoxville drinks and chats with his guests, and you’ll find anything goes. Think of an off-kilter Anytime with Bob Kushnell.

Jackass the Movie, Jackass Number Two and Jackass 2.5 the extended DVD release followed the Jackass TV Series. In an attempt to promote Jackass 2.5 they created, which became the center of this Jackass universe (yep there’s a whole universe of them), including their multiple spin-offs. With the site erect they decided to create “original programming”, because really why not?

Knoxville is a non-traditional pick for a talk show host, but he creates a certain rawness with his guests that is entertaining. Watching the interviews is more like observing a conversations between good friends, which most are. The interviews lack a promotional agenda, or structure for that matter, and guests tell all. Rob Drydek (Rob & Big) talks about wet dream experiences, while country singer Dale Watson tells a story of pulling a knife on someone while on tour.

The production value is simple. Knoxville goes to his guests with nothing more then a couple of cameras, and booze. At times he can be slightly annoying chopping on grapes and nuts while talking. Even so his relaxed approach creates an intimate space for an exchange in dialogue. According to the site’s blog he says, “It’s basically a bi-monthly excuse to have a few drinks with people we find interesting.”

Jackass logoThe interviews are broken into three parts, roughly around seven minutes each, which is long in comparison to web standards. Under normal circumstances it would be safe to say that anything over five minutes is way too long, but watching all three parts is not a difficult experience. Each episode is labeled with the classic WARNING disclaimer, although we have yet to see anything that is remotely dangerous. Although there is an incident when Knoxville asks WWE wrestler The Great Khali about his “tallywacker”.

Other prominent guests to date have included actor Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers), rocker Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, BMX pro Matt Hoffman, founder Stephen Chao and Eddie Barbanell (The Ringer). Sure they aren’t A list celebrities, but that’s the real appeal. Knoxville and friends have always been the cool guys shaking things up, thus far there hasn’t been a talk show online covering this type of content.

All things considered, this talk show shouldn’t be put on the sidelines. There are enough Jackasses who like Knoxville and the company he keeps to continue the show. Maybe following the footsteps of Tom Green is the next step for Knoxville?

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