Grace Helbig has been vlogging new developments on My Damn Channel since this past summer via The Daily Grace. Before that, she and Michelle Vargas had been plugging away on their own blog of vlogs. Now, the dynamic duo that jumpstarted Grace’s online career is back together at long last.  This time, on My Damn Channel.

GraceNMichelle is a lifecast-vlog hybrid that follows the superficially banal adventures and tribulations of two 20-something aspiring performers/roommates. Yes, it’s a video blog, but somehow, through charming nonchalance, surprisingly deft editing and a bit of that MDC magic fairy dust, it manages to captivate.

So, who are GraceNMichell and what exactly are they doing?  Josh asked…

Tilzy.TV: Uh, who are you guys?
Grace: Michelle and I are early 20 somethings just out of college, living in brooklyn chasing our dreams.  HELLO MOVIE PREMISE — I think we will call it Garden State of the Spotless Mind Hearts Huckabees III.
We’re both improvisers and performers and really enjoy comedy, so we’ve decided to document this transitional part of our lives in a quirky, unique way–showcasing our personal style/perspective.  We shoot, edit and produce all of our own content with the help of our good friend (and stand up comedian), Michael Fisher.

Tilzy.TV: What’s the show about?

Grace: The show is essentially about the lives of Grace N Michelle.  Why?  WHY NOT (philosophy in motion).  Michelle and I have been dabbling in the vlogging world for the past year and are now making an effort to turn it into a true social experiment.

We’ll be broadcasting (on MDC exclusively) vlogs and lifecasts (alternating every other week) for the next ten weeks or so.
Tilzy.TV: What do you plan to accomplish in those ten weeks or so?
Grace: We’ve set up the first vlog with a list of ten goals we’ll be attempting to accomplish, earnestly and probably pathetically, throughout the season.  Also, we hope to add more levels of interactivity to the MDC site throughout the ten weeks (via blogs, twitter, etc).  They’ll be plenty of twists and turns, highs and lows,  NUDITY and empty promises– it’ll be a regular pandora’s box, if you will.
This is a slice of life.  And it’s delicious.  Not like those shitty coffee cakes that sit in the starbucks case all day.  What’s with those?! Am I right?
Is she?

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