Oh, corporate life. Scotty Iseri got an office job and you know what he received in return? Two sodas from the vending machine for the price of one. If you’re going to give up the hustle of freelancing for the past seven years and join white collar America, the least the corporate world can do is give you an extra soda (and I presume a steady income, which is saying a lot right now). Is Scotty psyched about his sodas (and his steady income)? You betcha!

But keep quiet, see, because his new coworkers don’t know about his little camera. Deep in the bowels of some ordinary Chicago office building, this young man valiantly attempts to make the internet a more entertaining place while keeping his secrets and stories out of the ears and mouths of gossipy secretaries and nosy coworkers.

Part of the fun is trying to stay covert. None of the Scotty’s office mates know about his hobby (and I’m guessing his place of employment doesn’t have a 20% rule). If they were aware of his office-film shenanigans, he’d have a much more difficult time recording those pointless meetings he doesn’t really need to attend. And we’d all be a little more bored.

Nobody with half a brain and the slightest bit of ADD can realistically deal with the staggeringly asinine mental demands of most corporate jobs. These shorts are like Scotty’s own special brand of Ritalin. Mr. Iseri (an accomplished sound designer and comedic-theater ingenue) decided to put his time and camera to use filming the absurdity inherent in cubicle life as a means to tolerate the daily grind. (Still, given what happens in many of the episodes, I’m surprised he didn’t go completely bonkers months ago.)

Don’t think, however, that these clips are mere Office Space clones. Scotty’s comedy occurs in an office, but his sense of humor is distinct.

Most of the installments of Scotty Got An Office Job run about one minute. That may not seem like much time, but put yourself in Scotty’s shoes (and if you’re in an office right now, well, you’re already a step ahead of me) and understand the crushing weight of the existential dilemmas office workers internally debate every day. And think of the unbridled joy that comes whenever we break any number of seemingly arbitrary office rules or find ways to entertain ourselves during meetings.

Our hero is making the most of these moments and presenting them in a simple style that gets better (“or at least…more elaborate“) as the season progresses. And because the episodes are short, you’ll be able to blast through them all before your boss starts peeking over your shoulder.

Check out Scotty Got an Office Job at ScottyIseri.com.

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