It’s safe to say that this week’s web series picks are the only place that gives you a tasty mix of John McCain-loving sexy neo-cons with a side of spooky Massachusetts high school girls and topped-off with a creepy middle-aged New Jersey man. How do we even begin to pull a theme out of that? We can’t. But we watched them, laughed, were creeped out a little, and laughed a little more. So here they are – Oldbury Hill, The McCaingels and The Speed Creeper.

Oldbury Hill

The premise of this thriller from OurTVSpace and creator Doug Kirkpatrick is like 90210 in reverse—a high school senior moves from Beverly Hills to a small sleepy town in Massachusetts (fictional Oldbury Hill) and tries to fit in to her new life and new school all while trying to figure out a “centuries old dark secret that threatens to change the world.” There’s a pretty active fan site where cast, crew and fans are refreshingly chatty about what’s going on in the series. Episode 4 was just released yesterday.

The McCaingels

Ok, so he lost the election and a web series about John McCain probably won’t tickle the fancy of many viewers any more, but this one was too good to not take another look. The McCaingels put out three delicious episodes this summer and fall, in what is Charlie’s Angels meets eager young Republican campaign staffers. We’ll be waiting for more from creator Mike Addis, who gave us “the sexiest Neo-Cons you will ever meet.”

The Speed Creeper

The Speed Creeper - Tubefilter Tuesday PicksFrom newcomer comedy site Manic Attack and creator Tommy Walsh comes a series we have been longing for ever since mustached middle-aged men paraded up and down our street in the wee hours of the morning. The Speed Creeper debuted October 31st, bringing the dedication of fictional NJ man Alan Benderhoven and his dream of becoming the world’s fastest speed walker. As he puts it, “Breaking Away could be one of my favorite films. It just doesn’t get any better than watching a bunch of underdogs turn on that determination trigger, and go for it.” New episodes come out every other week through March, so make sure you keep track on our Web TV schedule.

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