IQ-145 web seriesSci-Fi is alive and well on the web, and clever creators are making use of the latest visual effects toys to deliver some of the most gripping stories in weekly episodic morsels. This week we feature three of the better sci-fi web series of the last few months: IQ-145, After Judgment and Kirill. All three of these shows create an immersive world extending beyond the show itself into alternate online dimensions where the true fans can really geek out. If you haven’t caught up, there’s still time to get in on these before the stories fully unfold and the secret’s out.


Thomas Dekker (TERMINATOR: Sarah Connor Chronicles) stars as Nate Palmer, a young football star enlisted by a top secret organization, IQ-145, to help track down a stolen nano-micro-co-processor chip. There’s even a sharp looking graphic novel and a pretty active fan community to fill in some of the holes.

After Judgment

We’re not supposed to know what happened as we are thrust into this grim reality and introduced to the rag-tag group of survivors that carry the story—led by a mysterious ex-priest name Steven (Joel Bryant). Here’s what we do know: all the children simply vanished and time ultimately stood still- the sun doesn’t set, no one can bleed, no one can die, nothing works and you don’t want to go into the ocean or the rivers. The rest is up to us to figure out. The series is now eight episodes in to Season One since launching last month, with another eight to go. Plenty of time to catch up.


Another dark sci-fi take on the future, Kirill stars British actor David Schofield (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator) as a scientist at CERN, the backers of the recently completed real-life (and possibly terrifying) Large Hadron Collider who is communicating from 50 years into the future after a massive disaster has hit the planet. In his dystopian future he’s a “desperate, driven, vulnerable fugitive keeping himself alive by fear and stubbornness.” You’ll need Microsoft Silverlight installed to get to all the goodies on the site, but if you just want to watch the series (in lower quality) they also have a YouTube channel.

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