The premise of duder, as the name might suggest, is very simple. The show is about a bunch of dudes who just, you know, duder around a bit. The series tackles mundane life in joyously funny and easily consumable short snippets, which make me laugh every time. duderbanner3

For such a simple premise, the show’s creator, Matt Kirsch, is a sophisticated man. Kirsch is a playwright and a producer for The Onion. He also stars in the show as recently out of the closet “Glen.” Kirsch says the show was born of his play writing background. “I started writing random scenes that seemed a bit too inconsequential to become a play. We decided to put duder on the web because this was cheapest way to get it out there to the largest audience. It started as a longer form show but has since evolved into shorter, more web-friendly snippets released much more frequently. The actual word “duder” was introduced to me by this guy I knew in college from Texas who really liked burgers.”glen_new

As one might guess from the floating turd in the latest episode, not much is off limits for the duders. “What’s fun about writing characters that are so comfortable with one another is that they’re able to say some pretty honest, sometimes extremely off-color things within the confines of their conversations that they’d probably be embarrassed about if someone else found out.” The show seems to have a particular obsession with Larry David-type details, such as the things that can drive one crazy about a relationship.

The guys definitely embrace the world of internet where anything can go, including the most ludicrous of politically incorrect thoughts. “Since we all have “dark” non-P.C. thoughts sometimes that often completely disregard reality, chances are they’ll all show up in a duder episode eventually. We try not to make fun of lesbians though, as a rule.”

ballsduders is witty, intelligent, funny, and time-conscious. Sometimes, it’s even mysterious. Kirsch offered a teaser before he left us. “Keep an eye out for that crazy-weird blue ball that made an appearance in last week’s episode,” he says. “Rest assured, it will be making another cameo soon.”

You can catch new episodes of duder every Monday and Thursday.

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