Doogtoons Creators Get Cinemax Deal

By 11/10/2008
Doogtoons Creators Get Cinemax Deal

Doogtoons (Tilzy.TV Page) has brought the internet bite-sized funny since 2005 and, though the series has seen its share of much-deserved praise, its creators have finally found the deal they deserve.

Beginning last Saturday, Eli’s Dirty Jokes will appear weekly on Cinemax.  The show that’s clearly derivative of Doogtoons shares its distinct character with short, animated dramatization of jokes told by the 79-year-old Eli Buchalter. He’s the accountant for web studio, which produces the show.

That signature sardonic drawl met with a striking sincerity…

Liz Gannes of NewTeeVee reports that this was the first such deal brokered by Plentitube, a new company that connects  content creators to television networks and advertisers.

An interesting sign of an industry that seems to mature by the day.