The smartly simple design of the Never Do This homepage may delude some viewers into thinking they’re in for a little in-depth analysis of a handful of urban legends (even despite the guy in the cowboy hat, hunched over, pre-flatulence alongside the site’s subhead, “Make the World A Safer Place”). Those viewers will be disappointed. This is no Adam and Jamie debunkathon, but more like episodes of Indy Mogul with just the effects and no DIY. 

Along with the two classics – Lighting Farts and Pop Rocks & Soda – there are the more generally nebulous experiments with Q-Tips, Smoking and Archery in the scrollable queue.

The creators, Scott Rice and Austen Menges clearly have a bona fide SFX background. The Pop Rock & Soda effects are outstanding, while the others, mostly explosions of some kind, are sharp in their trickery and editing. Here’s a hire-able creative team whose reel is concise. Still, since we’re on the subject of gore and stupidity a la Jackass, I can’t help but be let down, because none of these mini-web protagonists really went out and took one for the team.

At 30 seconds or less per installment, one could screen the whole Never Do This oeuvre comfortably during a work break. They’re short, quick, satisfying, and don’t require deep (or actually any) thought. Perfect for a Friday.

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