In the comments of Tilzy.TV, LOL Cat Reblogger Brad O’Farrell and I came up with the hands-down winner for best costume of Halloween 2008. You can have it, because I’m going to reprise my Casey Jones and Brad is going as Ashely Todd.

If the below is done well and you can document it, I guarantee you at least semi-prevalent internet fame come Monday. Politicos and pop culture junkies will feast on this as if they were zombies at TED (Get it? Because, at that conference, there are some BIG brains!).

Here it is: What are 4 out of every 5 girls going to be? Sarah Palin. What are 4 out of every 5 guys going to be? The Joker. What’s the best, most timely costume ever? Joker Sarah Palin.

Genius. I know. If I were female and wanted to win Halloween, I probably would’ve Pan Labyrinthed my cheeks a couple weeks ago to make the getup more authentic. Whoever wears this, you’re welcome. Send me pictures of you and your trophy and take some footage of all the high-fives you get.

If you’re not interested in the awesome idea above and you still don’t know what you want to dress up as, here are some last minute ideas (Note: You won’t have time for any of these):

Threadbanger‘s Halloween Roundup

DIY fashion expert Rob Czar takes a tour of YouTube to find the best Halloween how-tos. The zipper eyes are legitimately freaky and the satanic/dragon wings made with PVC pipe are also great for your summers at RPG camp.

XBox Live’s Monster Makoever

Hosted by Gamerscore bloggers, Nelson Rodriguez and Natalie Sousa, Monster Makeover “is the show where Hollywood models get turned into monsters and tough guys based on video games.” Contestants from the Cinema Make-up School in Los Angeles compete for a gig on a film or television project with Spectral Motion (the studio behind Hellboy II). Watch the episode above (inspired by the upcoming XBox release, Left 4 Dead) and see how you can incorporate latex and rubber prosthetics into your Halloween.

Indy Mogul‘s ‘Bite a Friend’ Featuring Jake and Amir

Going to a party? Interested in public theater? Let Erik Beck at Indy Mogul teach you how to make a maybe-authentic-looking-if-it’s-dark-enough fake shoulder that a zombie friend of yours can bite into.

Dress to impress, watch out for poisoned candy, and have a Happy Halloween.

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