'Tyranny' Trailer Brings Bond Girl Glamour

By 10/28/2008
'Tyranny' Trailer Brings Bond Girl Glamour

Watching the Tyranny trailer is like watching a mini action movie pumped into three minutes of high-quality excitement. Tyranny is indeed no ordinary web series. Self-financed by creator and star John Beck Hoffman, the world wide landscapes provide a big budget-looking back drop for what is truly an independent web series. Two episodes of a first-pass at the series made it up quietly last October, but now they are gearing up for a full-blown release of the updated version.

tyranny1Hoffman called us from London to speak about the re-launch of his pet project while attending the premiere of Quantum Solace to support his Tyranny co-star Olga Kurylenko. Hoffman said he was psyched to give the show a re-birth after pouring so much energy into it.


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The project started as a feature script several years ago, but Hoffman says, “As the times have changed, and I struggled with making it a feature, I started thinking about cutting it into a web series since it takes place over 14 years of time. Then I had a crazy idea to just do the back story as a web series, and then the final story as a feature, so that’s still kind of a model.”

Hoffman says the series will span at least 30 episodes which are already prepped to go up starting in December; but, he says if there’s more story tell, more episodes will go up. “There’s so many things I didn’t have time to explore in the feature, that I can explore here.” Hoffman also has half of the feature prepped for release sometime next year when the web series is complete.tyranny2

Hoffman added the obsessive journey of his clairvoyant lead character is one worth following. “After seeing a spectacular vision of the future, my character is now performing home grown experiments desperately trying to remember what he saw, and now everyone is one step ahead of him.”

The show indeed sounds like a Bond-sized adventure.

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