Lone WolfLone Wolf is a joy ride of non-sequitor, bizarro humor for anyone who loves cheesy 80s television. Born from the creative throws of Channel 101 and show creator Bennie Arthur, Lone Wolf follows a Hollywood stunt man who was in search of the perfect stunt until a stunt-gone-bad gave him a wicked case of amnesia. Now Lone Wolf is roaming greater Los Angeles in search of his own identity.

Come November Lone Wolf will be releasing an episode a week on MySpace TV, Hulu, Dailymotion, and Break to promote the January debut of Clearwire’s new original content platform. In the meantime, the first two episodes are up on Funny Or Die giving the audience an enjoyable throw back to simpler times when The A-Team and Knight Rider ruled entertainment.

For any geek who enjoys a Mr. T- or David Hasselhoff-type hero, Matt Peters will not disappoint as the reluctant hero of the Lone Wolf’s journey, which usually involves travel between on foot in the greater San Fernando Valley. Arthur explains, he liked the idea of the wolf swooping in to save the day, but always being forced to walk off into the sunset every time a pesky reporter grew hot on his trail. “It just made me laugh to have him roam these little areas of Los Angeles,” Arthur said. “But he never travels more than a few miles between episodes.”

Arthur also threw out a teaser for upcoming episodes. “You find out that Lone Wolf has a wife named Boo Boo Bear which is the B story line of most of the new episodes. I really wanted to have each episode have an A story line and a B story line, with the A story being the plot of the episode, and the B story being Long Wolf trying to figure out his past life.”

Arthur also promised a continued homage to 80s television with one episode focusing on “saying no to drugs,” and another episode taking place at a youth center. As for the Lone Wolf’s true past life, stay tuned.

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