If you spend your weekdays like an awesome person (me!) and go to New York City Technology Meetups, you know Will Carlough as the creator of Double Feature Finder (a sweet resource if you’re a teenager without access to transportation) and Question Party (some hoity-toity, pre-Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle developers’ game that Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman loves, I don’t really get, and Carlough can’t explain).

If you spend your days consuming copious amounts of online video (me again!), you know Will Carlough as a prominent member of The Red-Headed League (they make great short films) and especially for his Paraphrase Theater (movie scene spoofs in which Carlough plays all the characters and paraphrases dialogue in a quaint nonchalance – my favorite is Tommy).

And if you haven’t heard of Will Carlough, now you’ll know him as the guy who played Jon Togo from CSI Miami‘s best friend / penis in that one (surprisingly SFW) web show.

Seen on Atom, directed by Togo, written by Togo and Carlough, and produced by Crossroads Films, My Best Friend is My Penis is the most fantastically awkward online video series I’ve seen. At least it was the first time I watched. You get desensitized after a couple viewings (like how you do after watching 2Girls1Cup too many times, ya know?). But after the initial shock value wears off, the show still holds up.

My Best Friend is My Penis doesn’t shy away from obvious jokes (“Looks like my massage appointment is back on!”), but Carlough’s droll deliveries make the predictable enjoyable. It’s Togo, however, that sells the show. His sad puppy dog face, full of frustrated broken spirits, belies the fact that this premise is batshit crazy absurd. You look at those dejected eyes and you can feel his inner struggle. I mean the situation sucks, but it’s your best friend, so what are you gonna do?

Tune in to find out. The second episode of My Best Friend is My Penis hits Atom on Friday.

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