This election year has been undoubtedly vicious, tough and strange. From the still puzzling pick of Palin to the highly dividing endorsement by Colin Powell, and now John McCain’s robo-call campaign informing middle America about Obama’s “terrorist associations.” With just two weeks left, and with many already voting, there is no doubt America is in a full-on election frenzy.
Roberts 2028

The election has also been a catalyst for a flood of web video commentary, Palin impersonations, and the launch of countless new web series. The internet most definitely proves you don’t have to be Tina Fey to get attention for your political satire, no matter how off the wall. Funny or Die is currently the hosting portal-of-choice for many comedic voices commenting on the election.

Here’s a brief look at some virals and new series sprouting from election countdown.

Return of Terry Tate (The Most Awesome Office Linebacker The World Has Ever Known)

Terry Tate Office Linebacker was initially a popular viral campaign created for Reebok back in the year 2000 when the nation was still engrossed with hanging chads. Tate’s now back to remind you there are serious consequences if you don’t vote. He’s also back with a full-on series, Return of Terry Tate (above). In other election specials, Tate tackles Sarah Palin.

Roberts 2028

Six episodes of Roberts 2028 will be posted for before the election, with the series continuing after the nation’s fate is decided. Roberts 2028 follows the presidential campaign of a truly honest presidential candidate, fifteen-year-old Jason Roberts who has agreed to have his life followed so Americans can truly judge for themselves if he grows up into a fit candidate for office. Roberts 2028 is the brain child of Joe Ross, who in 2004 felt that if he had 20 years to prepare for the highest office, he could do a better job than all the candidates running. Ross confirms this show will not go away, hoping Roberts 2028 may inspire other young Americans to get involved in politics.

Your Ex Girlfriend for Sarah Palin

Comediennes Susan Burke and Hari Leigh have come up with this very funny, self-explanatory video on why they are voting for Sarah Palin to get back at their ex-boyfriends of course. The comediennes have also put out a series entitled Unfit Mothers for Sarah Palin–fitting for the month of October, it’s scary funny.

UPDATE: Yesterday Ron Howard joined the political party (above) by skwering his most famous television characters, Ritchie Cunningham from Happy Days and, of course, Opie from The Andy Griffith Show. Howard dons a wig in each tribute sketch, all in the name of getting out the vote.

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