No need to be be scared, it’s only the Reel Deal with Movie Mon.…Arrrrrrrgh!!!

Secret Fun Timer Barry Holiday dresses up in his Friday night furry costume (secret fun time is right!), slaps on a bit of brown makeup, and lo and behold, hosts his very own kinda-but-not-really movie review show.

Each edition of Reel Deal focuses on a current cinematic release as Movie Monster interacts with stills from the film to the tune of cheesy, midi infomercial music against a hypercolor, hippy backdrop.

“Boobs. Butts. Bongs. Belly Laughs Barf Jokes. Nothing safe from these guys,” is Movie Monster’s take on Harold and Kumar Escape From Gantanamo Bay. And that’s the extent of his critique. The rest is just him being silly. The show has a feel of a guy with way too much free time on his hands, but in a good way.

Holiday – who’s also behind some amazing Amazon reviews and ICN‘s uber-short Life Slices – writes, shoots, and edits Movie Monster all by himself. “I write it by searching for pictures about the movie I’m reviewing and then see what bits that inspires,” Holiday explained over e-mail. “And then I just shoot it by myself in my living room. Which is usually funny because one of my roommates almost always comes home as I’m doing it, all sweaty and covered in brown makeup (Me, not them…).”

If you’re not immediately a fan, be patient. Movie Monster grows on you, whether he’s talking about Heath Ledger in Dark Knight (“He’s homicidal. He’s suicidal. He’s Billy Idol. Just kidding about that last one, but I wish that guy was in more movies too. Remember him from the Wedding Singer?”) or sharing his favorite things about Hellboy 2 (“Monsters galore!”).

Watch that Movie Monster demonstrates an exercise in viewer stamina when he sings about Hellboy’s Princess Nuala to the tune of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline.

Movie Monster is just one of the many shows that Holiday is currently putting together. His goal is to have “a huge rotating series of mini-shows like Life Slices, Movie Monster, Barry Holiday’s News Feed, and then a bunch of new ones.” It’s a good idea. Quick, regularly scheduled comedy snacks that leave viewers hungry for more. There’s also less pressure with a super short format. If a particular episode isn’t a hit, it’s such a small time investment that no one will take the miss too seriously.

Unlike the Movie Monster. He’s always serious – about having fun! Aaaargh! Good, goofy, and innocent, the Reel Deal is going to make Barry Holiday a web MonStar. Tune in at

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