“Terrible” Terry Tate is the meanest, baddest, and downright prettiest Office Linebacker around. Good old number 56 is always on hand to blindside some deserving rube in order to right social wrongs, fight for peace, justice, and common decency in the Felcher & Sons office place, and get out the vote.

Originally the central character in a 2000 film pilot by Rawson Marshall Thurber, you might already know Terry Tate (played by Division I-AA All-American-turned-actor Lester Speight) from his nine-episode, online Reebok series and accompanying Superbowl Ad. Always referring to himself in the first person, Triple T’s job is to slam office workers into the side of their cubicles for such faux pas as not refilling the break room coffee pot (“If you kill the Joe, you make some mo!”).

Middle management might be afraid to get in the faces of Jr. Mail Room Engineers. Terry Tate is not.

Basically, it’s the same joke every time. Not as hard-hitting in longer formats, but good in one-minute bursts. And amazing when coupled with Sarah Palin.

In Jason Ajax Mercer‘s Return of Tarry Tate, Alaska Governor Winky-McJoe-Sixpack provokes the hulking mass that is “the most awesomest office linebacker the world has ever known.” Not a good idea. Mixing actual footage from the now legendary Katie Couric interviews, Terry Tate says “NO!” to incoherent answers.

In From Russia With Love, after the Governor rambles on about her foreign policy experience, our man Terry flies out of nowhere and gives her a bone-crushing end-zone tackle. Her response? “It hurts.” (No governors were hurt in the filming of this message.)

After you’ve checked out the rest of his videos (and remember to vote!), take a look at Terry’s YouTube profile. Among the many nuggets of comedy gold, his interests include, “Oprah’s Book Club, Chess, tackling weak-ass bitches who use the speaker phone at work, stamp collecting.” Genius.

As our office etiquette hero would say after KYTFO, “I’m Terry Tate and I approve this message. Woo!”

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