Tron rocked my world, and it wasn’t just because of a dope theme song by Journey. No, it’s because it put forth the idea of having actual humanity in video games. And by humanity, I mean Bruce Boxleitner and The Big Lebowski.

And even though gaming technology has not progressed to the point of actual Tron-iness, we at least ca accurately recreate human movement to enhance the joy of plowing over civilians with our Hyundai or shooting hookers (Watch your back, Julia Roberts!).

This is largely due to a digital process known as motion capture. And if you’ve ever seen it in action, you know it can be, well, special. Simple Jack special. It’s all summed up in Worldwide Biggies‘ – creators of the Worldwide Fido Awards and Princess Bride game! – NSFW comedy series, MoCap LLC.

Frank Clayton heads MoCap LLC., the motion capture company that does the mocap (yeah, now you get the name) that no other studio will. Jeff Reynolds is the eager, if clueless, talent, getting punched in the face for MMA fighters, sitting on toilets for Sim City expansion sets, and ghost ridin’ the whip for GTA. Claire Owens is the hard-nosed line producer with a mouth like Luke Skyywalker from Two Live Crew

Frank puts Jeff through the ringer as he tries to get much-needed accounts, like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Madden Football. Claire is always on hand to burst their bubble while clinging to the company’s lucrative clients in porn gaming.

The series airs on the Spike TV site and, as you can imagine, sandwiched between ads for MMA, the jokes are obscenity-laced and dude-centric. Which makes them hilarious. The mocap industry is tailor-made for this kind of humor. Seriously. If you wanted to see more balls stuck to some guy’s body you’d have to go to naked twister night at The Abbey.

The rapid-fire editing allows for a surprising amount of payoff in the short-ish segments. I like my premature ejaculation jokes fast and furious and MoCap LLC pulls no punches when it comes to the sex bits (in the episode Porn) or the easy targets (episode Movie Games).

The actors have good comic timing and writer Chris DeLuca‘s tories don’t stray from the central gag. (I’d mention the actors by name, but the actual creative team seems to be buried behind a veil of viral marketing. Even the labyrinth of Lost sites let me see who’s in the damn show – that Sawyer guy? Dreamy.)

Worldwide Biggies was started by Albie Hecht, who used to be President of Nickelodeon. With the creation of MoCap LLC, it seems obvious that the network was no longer giving him the creative freedom he so clearly desired (You know what SpongeBob needs? More genitalia jokes!). Their loss is our gain.

I once played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for 72 hours straight. I went back in time. I was rescued by Huey Lewis and the talking dog from Bullwinkle. Since then, I move my arms around slightly when I talk and now have an unhealthy love of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. None of this would be possible without motion capture. Like MADtv, MoCap LLC skewers that world with love and affection.

Catch it while you can (and play the online game) because it just got snatched up to air on the television version of Spike TV. I don’t know if the idea can sustain an entire half hour series, but if The Office has paper, MoCap LLC can have porn gaming. Now they just need to hire Bruce Boxleitner.

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