In late September, Bad Horse announced the Evil League of Evil would officially start accepting applications for entry.  Between then and the October 11 deadline, I count over 600 video submissions uploaded from Dr. Horrible fans hoping to join the League’s nefarious ranks and become an official part of Joss Whedon’s online sensation.

After watching far too many videos for someone who’s not on the selection committee, here are my favorites to be featured on the upcoming Dr. Horrible DVD.


A clever play on the one profession that, when mentioned in conversation, is guaranteed to make any grown, Jewish man wince, Tur-Mohel wins points for having a true minyan, a didactic submission, and an overall exquisite production.

Baron Mind

If I was a designated agent for the ELE, “More punny names for evil alter egos!” would be my mantra.  But even if that spawned a hell-storm of submissions with wickedly funny wordplay, Baron Mind would still be my favorite.  The locale is also the prettiest of the bunch (shot mostly in New York City’s Central Park) and the Baron makes excellent use of fanboy photography.  I’m also not entirely convinced this dude isn’t Toby Maguire.

The Cog

A cross between public access television and Remote Control era MTV, The Consortium of Genius’ submission actually kinda scares me.

Scarlet O’Harridan

The name’s not my favorite and doesn’t fit the delivery, but Scarlet O’Harridan’s family history might be the most trying of any applicant’s. It’s gotta be hard to be evil if you have loving, supportive parents.

Pickle Jar

One of io9’s favorites, Pickle Jar comes in second behind The Garnisher for Best-Worst Name That’s Not a Pun, but first for clairvoyant enthusiasm.  The guy’s been working on his resume by delivering Geat YouTube Lectures on Evil since May 2007, when he was super pissed at Daxflame.

Some honorable mentions include spoken-word P-Sycho and schoolgirl Grimmarian. Got a favorite Evil League of Evil applicant? Shout ’em out in the comments.

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