Ever move into a new neighborhood?  Ever worry about your neighbors and how they’ll be?  Rejoice because you don’t live next to the Devil.  This episodic Satanic comedy, 664: The Neighbor of the Beast, explores the suburbs and the Devil with the sort of casually observant comedy that would make Albert Brooks proud. If the Devil’s in the details, then the good people of Lazyhorde Productions have him down pat.

Packed into 20 episodes including both an Outtakes episode AND a Christmas episode, the first season of 664: The Neighbor of the Beast offers you as much Devil  as you can handle.  And that’s just Season 1.

Expect laughs from the repeated juxtaposition of normal suburban concerns butting up against the slavering legions of demon hordes from the house next door.  Even the Devil himself is a pleasant Kevin James-ish sort of mensch- a guy more worried about his job, his house, etc.  than he is about the evil temptation of mortals.  He’s a normal guy stuck doing a bad job.

The Internet powers that be should immediately bundle this show together with others like it (God, Inc. – I’m looking at you)  and create a sort of  Mytho-Ecclesiastical The Office.  I’m sure there’s a show about Purgatory somewhere, but stick with “664: The Neighbor of the Beast” for evil feel-good fun.

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