Filmaka, a web hub for independent filmmaking, known for their monthly short film competitions has ventured into the web series waters. Their first regular series Runaway Stars, requires a fair amount of suspension of disbelief to watch all the way through. Maude, an uber-hot, celestial-looking documentary filmmaker is following some aspiring musicians who ran away from Idaho to “make it.” We see most of the show through her camera’s point of view. The funny thing is, Maude just happened to stumble upon our protagonist musicians in the middle of nowhere when their car breaks down somewhere on the way to California (see Episode 3 shot entirely in an off-road of a local LA hiking canyon.)

Runaway Stars

Maude handily has a working car in which she will drive everyone to LA, and doesn’t hesitate to make out with Duncan, leader of the band. In fact, pretty much every woman on the show does not hesitate to make-out with dreamy Duncan. This is perhaps the show’s saving grace as Duncan is always guaranteed action, and he’s undoubtedly good-looking, so the action is usually enjoyable to watch.

Drummer Lenny, seems the most troubled, although his troubles feel almost comical as he stares into the camera seriously in what may be an attempt at a drug-addled Boogie Nights moment asking for his mom. (See Episode 6.)

Kubrick, our possible comic relief, is happy go-lucky even with his girlfriend gets pregnant and seems super conflicted about having her baby. Blissfully optimistic, for Kubrick all is always good.

This mini soap is certainly addled with cliché drama, as it seems to be almost a parody of the soap itself. What’s unfortunte is that it rarely involves actual songs or performances. Unlike it’s more well-known predecessor in the band-within-a-show genre, The All-For-Nots, this garage band unfortunately may not being seeing the Kimmel Stage any time soon. New episodes of the show can be seen Thursdays on

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