Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried – co-creators of Lonelygirl15 and Kate Modern and co-founders of social entertainment company EQAL – told me they have ambitions to turn their interconnected series of “social shows” into a “Star Wars type franchise.”  If that’s the case, LG15: The Resistance seems kind of like a A New Hope.  

In a world filled with “attractive teenagers armed with handheld cameras battling an Aleister Crowley-inspired organization of adult evildoers with sacrificial practices and sanguinary ceremonies,” Jonas Wharton (Jackson Davis) is The Resistance’s only hope.

His heritage makes him a natural born leader in the fight against The Order – a cult who’s found the fountain of youth in the blood of young female descendants of the ancient Egyptian city of Denderah. While they’re picking off good-looking girls like Nosferatu, The Resistance is trying to mobilize its guerilla forces of do-gooders and coax Jonas into leading their covert attack.

And that’s just a fraction of the storyline and rich mythology of the LG15 universe. In addition to a comprehensive backstory, Beckett, Goodfried, and company have made ardent efforts to make the series accessible to people who’ve never head of Jessica Lee Rose.

I caught up with the pair earlier this week to talk about the ways in which The Resistance appeals to new viewers, the LG15 social network, how they arrived at the shows’ various aesthetics, and their production process.  We also touched on what’s in store for more European Lonelygirls and how EQAL will bring CBS shows to the web.  

It’s long, but worth the watch.  Greg and Miles do an excellent job of explaining the idiosyncrasies of LG15:

Catch the first episode of LG15: The Resistance on Saturday at  

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