Summer is over and September sure got busy in a hurry. With so many new shows recently we want to make sure you aren’t missing some that you should be watching. So for this week’s Tuesday picks we decided to go with actively running shows that you can still catch up on pretty quickly.

Midnight Rida – Episode 3: Gold Mouff & The Grill”

Midnight Rida

The premise is gold – take an uptight caucasian office drone and throw him behind the wheel of an urban spin of the talking car K.I.T.T. from Knight Righter – and the delivery is even better. Instead of K.I.T.T. as the personified crime-fighting car, there’s G.A.R.I., Ghetto Artificial Replica Intelligence, inside a late model black Caddy sedan. Really the cast is what makes Rida pop. Chris Spencer as MIST scientist Tyrone Jackson, Alex Thomas as intern-turned-secret-agent Mitch McKnight and DeeRay Davis as the voice of G.A.R.I. The show is only three episodes in with plenty more on the way. For more on the show, check out the interview we did with show creators Devin Boddie and Michael Mihail.

Sorority Forever: Episode 1 “Sisterhood”

Sorority Forever

With a modest 37,000 views on MySpaceTV but plenty of buzz for this fall tentpole series from, Episode 1 sets the tone of the college mystery drama. This show is making the rounds in the press and getting out of just the web series radar. Not quite a daily show, more like a week-daily, it’s putting out a steady 5 episodes a week. Today is episode 2, so the Jessica Rose-starring drama is just setting up shop.


The newest episode (#3) of Coma (Don’t forget Michael Madsen’s in it!)is up on Crackle , bringing with it the thunder of more George Hamilton. Let’s face it, the man is a cultural tan icon, so casting him as the profanity spewing Mayor is simply fun to watch. It’s like an unofficial Glengarry Glen Ross sequel set in city government. If it were up to me the whole show would just be George Hamilton shouting at various flunkies until sammiches arrive. Tubefilter News staffer Sean Casey reviewed the show last week giving it a thumbs up but mostly due to the Hamilton factor.

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