Star Trek: OsirisStar Trek fans to Star Wars fans; “Anything you can dork, I can dork better.”

For years, Star Wars fans have enjoyed an almost Open Source environment for their rabid fan fiction creations, whilst erstwhile Trekkers have been forced to make sure their basement creations adhere to small things like, oh, continuity and overall plot lines. (Star Wars Holiday Special, I’m looking at you) But Paramount is a very watchful mother over all things Trek.

Quick sidebar – If you want to make your own unlicensed Star Trek series, Paramount is cool with it as long as you do it Not For Profit. That means no DVD sales at Comic-Con. Natch.

So now a few enterprising Shatner fans have set off on their own journey and it’s called STAR TREK: OSIRIS. Set to debut this Fall, there’s already a “trailer” out there. I hesitate, however, to call anything a trailer that doesn’t show actual footage from the series. Check out the production stills here for a glimpse at how wunderbar we think it (might) will look.

Star Trek: Osiris It’s a whole new Star trek story line created by fans. Osiris is set right after the end of Star Trek: Nemesis when peace has broken out all over the galaxy. This begs the almost unanswerable question of, “What happens now that nothing is happening?” Previous efforts like Hidden Frontier (2000) were able to make similar use of the space to good effect. In fact, for anybody who is a fan of Hidden Frontier this show is a no-brainer. You must watch.

The first-time series creators behind Osiris were able to draw on their experiences writing for Internet Star Trek games. They cast friends, family and even a Swede. Here’s to hoping this maiden voyage will chart out new territories, but next time they better pack some video. If you must absolutely know what Sans Serif font will look like in the 25th Century, please check the trailer out.

One thought before I go: In greenscreening these fan-fiction Star Trek shows, aren’t people simply creating the Holodeck as imagined in TNG? We have Holodecks!!
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