So everyone had a field day with Charlie Bit My Finger, but this was pushing it.  And there’s a lot more of Charley and Harry running around their Sheffield-ish home with the cartoons blaring in the background, and the picking of the noses, and the throwing of the store-bought sandbox sand…etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. And it’s super annoying.

For every fun/truly creative/earnestly cute/baby’s first swearword/whatever-web video, there are hundreds of talent shows/first recitals/look at my kid…again! moments to wit. And honestly, it’s wearing me out.

I’m not alone. Apparently the plethora of stage mums and overly optimistic first time teenage filmmakers seem to be frustrating Amsterdam, too, which is why Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting created Submarine Channel – a supercool website designed to bring together the best artists, thinkers, filmmakers, and all-around ingénues on one global interface, while filtering out the internet crap that’s seemingly found its way into every conceivable widget-nook and binary-cranny.

Similar to sites like Current, Submarine’s slant is socially conscious, and brimming with mindful Gondry-worshipping provocation, Grungy American nostalgia reminiscent of Nirvana (or The Real World: Seattle) and fine-arts fascination with everything Far East, while its brand aesthetic remains steadfastly euro-chic and incredibly streamlined.

Think Berlin hipster meets Tony Hawk at the X-Games followed by an intellectual espresso.

Need convincing? They’ve got an entire archive of original music videos by Radiohead and a section made special for graphic artists that forgets films and features only the opening title sequences.

Submarine’s also got their fair share of animation and provides a full-bio of its featured artist alongside his or her web content in pristine, HD quality. Check out Jeff Metz’s animated short called Untitled to see what I’m talking about.

There’s also a film and documentaries section with full-length features including everything from Chinese art to sneakers. And yes I know the sneakerhead thing is kinda played out, but Submarine has a knack for repackaging already-out-there material in a fresh, new way that readdresses what’s being said now about back then.

And just in case you find yourself at a loss for words with all this fab new (and old) web content, check out Submarine’s Pretty Cool People Interviews and let someone cooler than you do the talking.

You might actually learn something, which is more than I can say for the loveable (though seemingly ubiquitous) Charley and Harry boys.

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