Lonelygirl15 officially ended when the series finale aired on August 1, but that saga featuring attractive teenagers armed with handheld cameras battling an Aleister Crowley-inspired organization of adult evildoers with sacrificial practices and sanguinary ceremonies certainly hasn’t concluded.

In fact, Executive Producer Amanda Goodfried told me, “LG15 has just begun.”

On September 20, EQAL (the new media production company with $5 million in the bank and a fantastic tagline – The Show is Everywhererecently formed by Lonelygirl creators Miles Beckett and Greg and Amanda Goodfried) will debut the next iteration of the highschool drama dubbed, LG15: The Resistance.

The show picks up where Lonelygirl15 left off and promises to be neophyte friendly (with a 12-week, 12-episode season instead of a 6-month, 5-episode-a-week ultra marathon), while still providing enough ancillary content (on a shiny, new LG15 social network) to keep obsessive fans satisfied.

Amanda was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about The Resistance and provide some specifics on what to expect:

Tilzy.TV: What’s the backstory to the new series?

Amanda: LG15:The Resistance will live within the LG15 Universe and stars the leading actors from lonelygir15, Jackson Davis as Jonas and Alexandra Dreyfus as Sarah. LG15:The Resistance is a battle against The Order, an evil secret society set on world domination.

The Order has learned that a select number of girls are born “Trait-Positive,” a rare genetic trait that imbues their blood with the ability to extend the life of anyone who infuses it into their body. The Order seeks the blood of these “Trait-Positive” girls, to acquire unlimited wealth and power to rule the world as immortals. The show will feature a cross-country adventure solving clues to find a secret artifact that could save each “Trait-Positive” girl from a life raised in seclusion preparing for a pre-destined death.

The Resistance are the “Trait-Positive” girls’ only hope.

Tilzy.TV: Will I need to watch the original LG15 to understand what’s going on?

Amanda: No. We are making this an accessible show for new fans to the franchise and just as exciting and relevant to the longstanding and loyal community built around our other shows. The LG15 Universe (franchise) does have a rich mythology that is useful to understand for the new show.

There will be a prologue video we post prior to the launch of the show that will recap that rich mythology. There are also a ton of great resources such as a wiki style encyclopedia called the “LGPedia” that has been created by the community and has tons of useful information for those that want to dig deeper into the back story.

Tilzy.TV: What interactive/ARG components do you have planned?

Amanda: LG15:The Resistance will be the first show on the re-launched LG15.com built on a social network platform.

The enhanced site will allow the characters and community members to create their own profile pages and interact on a new level. Our characters are treated as real people and interact with the audience in a personal way, both online and in live public events. The characters will often be faced with codes, puzzles, maps, etc and will engage the community to help them solve or locate clues.

There will be live events during which the characters will act and push the narrative forward as they interact with fans in real time. In addition, there will be live-streaming video and text chats. The new LG15 website will allow the characters to post these live streaming videos, text blogs, pictures, and other assets related to puzzles.

LG15: The Resistance will have wide distribution on LG15.com, imeem, myspace, and youtube.

Tilzy.TV: How do you feel about LG15 being over?

Amanda: The lonelygirl15 chapter of the mythology may be complete, but with that we’ve been given the opportunity to tell a new and exciting story. In addition, the LG15 franchise is continuing to expand globally into Italy and other European countries.

Tilzy.TV: What do you think about when you go to create a new series now that you didn’t think about when LG15 first launched?

Amanda: The main thing we are thinking about is the format for an online show. With lonelygirl15 and KateModern, we made five videos a week every week over six month seasons. While it was great for the most active fans, it was simply too many videos for the general audience. With LG15: The Resistance, we have created a new format.

The season will be 12 weeks long and we will have one main episode uploaded each week. This weekly episode will be 6-10 minutes long and will be uploaded every Saturday. The Season will conclude with our signature 12 in 12 finale where we upload 12 videos over 12 hours in a real time live interactive day. We will also have new content added to LG15.com everyday in the form of short videos from the characters, text blogs, photo albums, and live chats.

This way, our most active users can participate and interact with the show everyday while the general audience only has to watch 12 videos over 12 weeks.

Tilzy.TV: Will there be webcams?

Amanda: The show will be shot from a first person point of view including webcams and hand held cameras.

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