The first thing that strikes you when watching The Roadents, is that Pee Pee and Buttercup are no ordinary, run of the mill, mousetrap type rodents. In fact, they’re personable guinea pigs with a penchant for rambling, non sequitur, philosophical conversation. Surprisingly though, their musings on nothing in particular are whole-heartedly entertaining.

The loose structure of the show, and the setting of a nondescript road trip allow the creators to take their furry friends virtually anywhere, and to go off on any tangent they please. Case in point, conversations between the The Roadents range from a simple game of truth and dare to a possible alien abduction.

The Roadents’ charm equally stems from the camaraderie between its two leads, Pee Pee and Buttercup, voiced by Kevin McShane, and David Harris, respectively. We recently caught up with McShane, who boils it down quite simply, “Pee Pee thinks Buttercup is too uptight. Buttercup thinks Pee Pee is a moron. One of them is right.”

When asked where those two furry friends got their names, McShane admits, “Pee Pee’s name is actually “PéPé”…He got the nickname Pee Pee because apparently he used to get so nervous when his owner held him that he peed himself. Buttercup obviously got named because of his sunny disposition.”

When quizzed about the unfortunate name sticking in real life, McShane quips, no one will dare call him Pee Pee unless, “they want to get punched in the solar plexus.”

One can’t help but wonder if the guys have an ultimate destination. McShane responds, “We were never really told…I think it’s a case of the journey being more important than the destination.”

Indeed, there’s something beautiful about two guinea pigs out on the open road, free from the tethers of human society, taking the path less traveled. New episodes come out every Wednesday (keep track on the Tubefilter Web TV Schedule.)

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