The Legend of Neil from The Guild’s Sandeep Parikh is a joyous romp through a real-life version of Zelda. Perhaps the biggest joy of all is, characters call it like they see it. For example, “Zelda is totally f**kable.”

In a recent conversation with Sandeep, I was overjoyed to learn that Legend’s beginnings are not that unlike the opening of the show. Set to a catchy ditty, title character Neil gets sucked into Zelda through a freak asphyxiation accident when playing Zelda drunk. Thankfully, Sandeep has not been recently asphyxiated, but fortunately for the world of Internet content, he does enjoy a good drunken game of Zelda.

Sandeep muses on the show’s creation: “I was a bit tipsy with my roommate after a night out. He told me he could beat original Zelda in under an hour. We just so happened to have the original, so we cracked open a few beers, and I watched… I started thinking about what it would be like to be in the game…wondering what this creepy Old Man in a cave was doing with a wooden sword. And then I just started drunkenly writing.”

So, the show obviously has big appeal to gamers, and classic Nintendo fans alike, but what about the casual Internet video watcher? Sandeep says, so far, his worst comment has been, “meh.” His favorite comment, which may appear on the DVD jacket is, “surprisingly not sh*t!”

Sandeep is modest. The show is undoubtedly funny as we get an inside look at creepy bad guys who only before spoke via synthesizer sound effects. Not only that, we get an anti-hero to root for. Neil is a slacker dujour, but as portrayed by Tony Janning, he’s appealing, and we’d like to see this fine young man snag a real-life princess to save himself from a fate worse than, well, asphyxiation post-masturbation.

As far as what to expect in future episodes, Sandeep’s not telling. However, you can expect more in-depth stories on everyone’s favorite one-dimensional Zelda bad guys. All will be out by the end of the month, and a second and third season may also be in the works.

When Sandeep is not dreaming up “places where Moblins hang out in their off-time,” he also runs his site Sandeep says he now has over 100 comedians and 500 clips of tightly-edited stand-up, giving him a huge resource to cull from when he does other side projects, like the spots he recently created for

Episode 3, which debuts tomorrow (Aug 7) will feature The Guild’s Felicia Day. Stay tuned.

Editor’s Note: We are excited to have Lindsay Stidham joining the Tubefilter News staff. Lindsay is a graduate of the American Film Institute with an MFA in screenwriting. Since graduation, Lindsay has written and produced two feature films, including the upcoming SPOONER, starring Matthew Lillard. When Lindsay is not watching videos online, she can be found doing comedy and improv in Los Angeles.

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