On Tuesdays, the staff at Tubefilter News picks three shows that we like, and want to share with you. All three of this week’s picks are active shows, so that means you can see when new episodes come out on the Tubefilter Web TV Schedule.

This week’s picks:

The Roadents

In each 1-2 minute episode of The Roadents, we follow guinea pigs Pee Pee and Buttercup in their 1983 Winnebago as they drive around America. On the way, they argue about everything from fish tacos to how to best deal with the police, but in the end, they’re just two guys (well, almost) having a great time on the open road.

Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary

We can try to explain what Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary is about, but you wouldn’t believe us. Abigail is a 13 year old girl with “Bloomberger’s Syndrome,” a disease that caused her to suddenly look like a hairy, 30-something year old man. Her friends and family don’t seem to mind, and she happily vlogs about the latest events in her life. Created by Hayden Black (Goodnight Burbank), this series is the perfect example of how strange the internet allows us to be.

The Legend of Neil

There’s no gentle way to say this, but The Legend of Neil is about a man who, while drunk and playing Zelda on the original Nintendo, has a freak asphyxiation accident and wakes up inside the game. Created by Sandeep Parikh (The Guild), the six-part series is still trying to build up some publicity, but the first two episodes are definitely worth watching.

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