Second Episode of 'The Website is Down' In Production, Says Creator Josh Weinberg

By 07/24/2008
Second Episode of 'The Website is Down' In Production, Says Creator Josh Weinberg

I just got off the phone with Josh Weinberg, creator of The Website is Down, and fans of the first video will be happy to hear that episode 2 is in production.

Tubefilter's idea for a TWID t-shirtWhen Weinberg put together the first episode of The Website is Down, entitled “Sales Guy vs. Web Dude,” with his friends, he had no idea what to expect in response. Would people watch it?

The Website is Down

Would they understand it? How popular would it be? A few days after posting it, he had his response. The unauthorized copies alone (on YouTube and Break) have garnered over 2 million views, making the video a certified viral hit.

Weinberg is still working out the details of the show, especially with regards to scheduling and distribution. Future episodes will probably be shorter, but the format will be the same (screencast, and shots of video gameplay). He’s also working on some new features and easter eggs for the site (to go along with the first video he had a fake Unix command line, complete with insulting error messages.) I had a chance to mess around with one of the new features still under wraps, which Weinberg calls the “Sales Guy Simulator.” Even though it’s currently unfinished, this tiny glimpse of what Weinberg is working on makes us very confident that “The Website is Down” has the potential to become a summer sitebuster series.

And as an added bonus for fans, we’re told there is a chance that we could see The Website is Down merchandise in the near future. Josh, if you’re reading this, feel free to use our TWID T-Shirt idea, though we would really (cough) love (cough) to find one in the mail.