Every Tuesday, the “Tubefilter Tuesday Picks” showcases three shows worth watching, chosen by the Tubefilter News Staff.

This week’s picks:

The All-For-Nots

The All-For-Nots follows a struggling fictional indie rock band as they tour across the country and try to get on the right path to success. The series has been going for a solid 19 weeks now, and the band was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in June.

Imaginary Bitches

Our staff writer Bobby Bender described it best– “[Imaginary Bitches] plays out as a sort of condensed, lower-budget, schizophrenic version of Sex And The City.” With new episodes every Friday, the show hasn’t failed to impress us yet, and seems to have pretty solid viewership numbers. In the last week alone, the series garnered over 10,000 views per weekday, and 20,000 views per day on the weekend.


If there’s a show that demonstrates why web comedy is great, Gaytown is probably it. The premise is brilliant – what would the world be like if everyone was gay, and straight people were the minority? As it turns out, straight guys would be meeting in bathrooms to talk about fantasy baseball, and straight women would have to hide their dislike of softball. Sure, there are some great sci-fi and drama series on the web, but it’s this kind irreverent brilliance (and total disregard for political correctness) that makes web comedy so pervasive.

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