Thanks to self-publishing and the democratization of media we learn something new about celebrities every day. Cases in point I’ve recently discovered:

1) Jeff Bridges is probably cooler than The Dude. He’s definitely more bizarre. Spend five minutes on his website and you’ll agree. Aside from his >Widelux photography, you’ll find a sprawling, artful navigation system that looks half Hirschfeld and half Neckface.

A page of drawings directed towards montages of lifelike sculptures, women in film, and fecal lemons look like the back of some high schooler’s spiral notebook after a semester of boredom. Dancing lines and crude scratchings pieced together to form surprisingly legible script and flowing, coarse cartoons linking to little bits of ephemera that delighted the actor.

It’s an interesting window inside the mind of Bridges, and it doesn’t look like you’d expect.

2) Garey Busey is insane. Those crazed cameos on Entourage? He’s not acting. Okay, we all already knew that. But here’s some more evidence.

In an act of genius or lunacy (I say genius), the marketers behind GotVMail – a Virtual Phone system for small businesses – enlisted Busey for a series of no less than 40 videos in which the weathered actor promotes the service via dispensing emphatic, sage, slurred, entrepreneurial advice.

In Gary Busey on Business, Busey covers business clichés, excuses, the Tao of Busey, and GotVMail in 120 seconds or less. There are a few gems, but I suggest watching a handful in quick succession. You start to feel like you’re being lectured by a nutty uncle who’s in love with his own logic. Kinda scary, but you can’t leave because you want to know what he’s going to say next.

But MeFi jimmythefish explains the appeal of the series (and a good portion of the internet/pop culture) best: “ Plain old insane? Sad. Insane celebrities? Comedy gold!”

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