Web TV already has a share of respectable politically-oriented interviewers… Mark Molaro, Robert Millis and Lindsay Campbell, to name a few, but nothing speaks clearer to the power of open television than the ability to access an archive of interviews from one of America’s most earnest and respected journalists. 

Bill Moyers Digital Archive accompanies Mr. Moyers re-emergence on PBS with Bill Moyers Journal intended, not surprisingly, to “enrich the conversation of democracy with fresh and original voices-perspectives seldom available anywhere else on television-that reflect a diversity of wisdom, experience, and insight.”

Our access to Moyers’ time-tested interviews enables an almost uncanny reflection on the path that led us to our current reality.  A 1990 interview with Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, explores the prospects of achieving regional peace in the Middle East.

In the interview, shot against rubmlings of the first Gulf War, Nasr warns against Western intervention on Muslim world for which he says America will have to “pay a very very high price.”  Nasr describes the complexities of a conflict we still apparently do not understand.

Too bad more Americans weren’t watching Bill Moyers in 1990.

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