“Funny is funny,” the creators of Kyle Piccollo: Comic Shop Therapist say. Just because the series’ protagonist is a comic book geek whose therapeutic intuition is harnessed through comic books alone does not mean that those of us unfamiliar with the wacky world of comics won’t find the funny. Like The Guild, it intends an approach accessible to anyone, but with subtle winks and sly nods to those intimately involved with the subculture.

Through “stilted” observations and advice set in Manhattan’s Midtown Comics, Kyle Piccolo intends to be one of the first online, comic-related shows that’s more than just geeks talking about the industry and its latest releases.

The first episode, Fantastic Fix, creates the setup for what will likely be a repeated bit: Guy walks up with Comfort Comic. Moments later, with little prodding, he’s spilling the beans of his dysfunctional relationship and, a few quick Kyle Piccolo quips after that, he walks away with a receipt longer than expected.

The concept reminds me of that 90’s SNL sketch where the nickname-obsessed Copy Machine Guy, Richard (Rich-meister) Layner, repeats the same trope with different characters week after week. Somehow, the fresh reactions never cease to entertain. Will the same be true of Dr. Piccolo’s unintended patients? I think comedy will come from earnest reactions from real characters.

The series is going to be funny. Don’t believe me? Ask the guys who created it. We sat down to discuss the show last week before the first installment went to air on Monday…  

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The show is written and produced by Alec Pollak, Neil Turitz, Eric Zuckerman and John Cassaday. It was created by Turitz and Pollak, is directed by Turitz and Cassaday and executive produced by For Your Imagination. The first six installments are sponsored by Warner Bros’ The Dark Night – an obvious fit for its likely audience.

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