Recording most professional bloggers at work would result in a portrait of life more depressing than an Ingmar Bergman flick: hours a day spent alone in front of a glaring computer screen, forced to write witty little commentary about Britney Spears, Bush scandals or, uh, internet video, while leaving hands stricken with carpal tunnel and souls yearning for action.

The Facehunter Show is more suited for those who enjoyed Persona more for Liv Ullman’s wardrobe than the existential subtext. That’s because Yvan Rodic’s, a.k.a. The Facehunter, blogging responsibilities mainly involve taking photographs of sharply dressed people, but also include traveling the globe, attending parties, meeting artists of all types, and reminding women dressed as space station stewardesses that the object they’re caring down the street is not actually a phone, but an iron.

The series, presented by MySpaceTV, follows Rodic as he hunts for faces in a foreign city — in this episode Stockholm, Sweden — and the result is a show as valuable for inspiring your next trip as it is for selecting your summer wardrobe. It explores the colorful creative underclass of Stockholm by interviewing local fashion designers, musicians, artists, actors and random passers by who’s style catches the host’s eye.

Rodic gets nervous before interviewing the founder of Cheap Monday, the label famous for its skinny jeans, but they share some “yokes” about the Swedish “yeans.” Then he visits  chanteuse Emilia De Poret, and makes out with a portrait on her wall.Unlike other travelogues, no one is offering up tips on traveling on a shoestring, but everyone seems generally enthusiastic about the cultural movements of the city, which makes me want to get a plan ticket more than tip offs to the cheapest, and usually most depressing looking, accommodations anyway. Like most of the outfits, the travel component is more dreamy and inspirational than it is practical.

The production is appropriately stylish, with bright graphics and a ridiculously hypnotic theme song. Music by local artists is also featured throughout. With episodes clocking in between five and nine minutes, it’s fast paced with out feeling rushed. Naturally, the MySpace URL of every person featured is displayed.
The adventures in each city are divided into multiple installments, with a fresh episode premiering every Friday at midnight London time (Thursday at 7pm EST), with short teasers and outtakes posted throughout the week.

So far faces in Mexico City, Mexico have also been hunted and Moscow, Russia is next on the agenda with hopefully many more to come.

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