Last week, ahead of its new CSpot lineupCrackle – Sony’s digital entertainment studio and video platform – introduced us to some new and, interestingly, rather disparate content.  Like other new media producers, Crackle has focused its efforts on the gold mine that is targeting well-defined demographics: gamers, comics, musicians and sad girls. 

The Jace Hall Show is the brainchild of Jason "Jace" Hall, a film, television and video game producer who’s known for founding game development studio Monolith Productions and HDFILMS, devoted to creating film, television, videogame and online content spanning across multiple media. 

As if that were not enough, Jace has decided to try his hand at hosting with an online show that explores not just video games, but the people who create them and the celebrities who play them.  Interesting.  Let Jace persuade…

I’m not a gamer, but I’m entertained, kinda.  Like Cooking with Rockstars and culinary cravings, chatting about a person’s entertainment preferences can reveal a lot about character, and Jace keeps the interviews real with a friendly, conversational demeanour and some kitchy behind-the-scenes-at-Crackle footage. 

This show is a cross-promotional no-brainer, and I expect nothing less than an insanely devoted fan base…which might be a problem for the next show.  

###The Purple Onion looks like the genius of simplicity. Intimate stand-up comedy is ever-entertaining, so why not make it available on demand?  The show features accomplished comedians – Greg Proops, Patton Oswalt, Tom Rhodes, David Feldman to name a very few – that run the gamut of funny.

The show even appears to be shot in a traditional comedy club like the venerable Greenwich Village comedy institution, The Comedy Cellar, but the videos just can’t capture the charm of fearing venemous jeering and humiliation.  (Someone should do this show on UStream or Blogtv where viewers can chime it to get cut down and better capture the live experience.)  

Then again, HBO’s done this with significant success; maybe comedy from the comfort of my desk chair just takes some getting used to; afterall, this is some top-rate talent.

The Takeaway Shows is gorgeous music in unusual settings and is a long-time favorite of Tilzy.TV: we’ve been covering and shouting out to this inspired authenticity since we discovered it almost two years ago.  I’m happy to see that Crackle appreciates the artistic flavor of La Blogotheque and has started to distribute the show.  This is a smart way to spread some much-deserved attention. 

Also of note, comedian Brad Garrett – TV-brother of (Everybody Loves) Raymond– "looking for a woman that doesn’t really aim high."  Garrett will go on 10 dates with 10 women from video submissions made on Crackle.  If you’re a woman with a "low self-esteem" who gets off from self-effacing giants, this could be your chance…

So whether your a gamer, a wananbe-comic, a pretentious musician, or a chick in need of a date, Crackle’s got stuff cookin for you.
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