Marina from Hot for Words not satisfying your camgirl fetish? No worries, now you have a five-and-a-half-decade-old American gentleman’s institution to supply you with amateur eye candy.

In celebration of 55 years in circulation, Playboy is soliciting all hopeful American and Canadian centerfolds to submit videos describing why they would make the perfect 55th-anniversary playmate.  Girls Next Door star, 2005 PMOY, and Hugh Hefner consort, Holly Madison is leading the online search, and will fly any girl that catches her fancy out to the famed mansion for an official screen test.

Since the above was uploaded April 28, Playboy Casting’s seen 57 submissions.  David Sarno from the LA Times describes them perfectly, “like YouTube videos in general – most of them are amateurish and borderline unwatchable…Some viewers may experience a spike in interest when the candidates invite them into the shower, but most of this footage wouldn’t make many final cuts, even for a reality show.”

###For examples, check out Jamsine look-a-like Michelle Lummus. Chernise Yvette, who loves apple martinis and “swanky lounges.” Professional videographer Lindsey. Or, my favorite because of the awesomely terrible Doublemint take, not-really-identical twins Erin and Sara Z.

Sarno also thinks Playboy should get props for its new media experimentation because “hardly any major media companies are inviting regular folk to contribute user-generated videos to a page that also shows their corporate logo.”

Sure, I’ll give the magazine some credit, but they’re certainly not the only major media company calling for contest submissions. Also, when your brand is based on somewhat tasteful T&A, it’s a lot easier to experiment.


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