If Biggie Smalls were alive today, instead of being encased in hip-hop’s “Live Fast, Die Young” amber alongside Tupac and Easy E, you gotta wonder if he’d endorse Burger King and make bands with posthumous BFF, P. Diddy.

In order to maintain my mental image of the emotionally troubled, rhyming mastermind, I like to think he’d have long opted out of Sean John Combs collaborations. But the videoblog below is something I wouldn’t feel too badly attaching him to:

Yeah, P. Diddy sounds like an idiot. In the 2:36 confessional exercise in keeping-it-real logorrhea, he makes roughly 15 seconds of sense. In his defense, Diddy’s never had remarkable flow, being far more of a producer and entrepreneur than rapper.  Responses range from “Thought Puff Daddy was educated? Wrong!” to “bug up diddy for ecognising a great and being humble enough to make comments like this.” Regardless of taste and coherence or lack thereof, the video’s about perspective.

###YouTube might be ruining hip-hop’s beef, but, like all new media, it has the potential to reveal different characteristics and curiosities of its most famous participants (like seeing how Diddy – despite running a successful record label, clothing line, etc. – has difficulty spittin’ a coherent sentence).

All we need now is someone worthwhile to watch.

Good eyes, Gabe for finding this gem.

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