Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re likely to be at least mildly familiar with the blogeratti.  In the age of Web 2.0, these “citizen journalists” have helped make Nick Denton rich, Perez Hilton famous, and Jason Kottke a ta


While, at worst, they’re known to spew venomous criticisicm at often-undeserving subject material, the small circle of young media junkies – which has validated blogging as a genuine profession (despite what old people say) – is comprised of those possessing especially clever, original, and – indeed – snarky voices.

Already close friends in real life, Tracie “Slut Machine” Egan and Rich “FourFour” Juwiziak are two of its members who have combined powers to provide a recurring video series for Jezebel, a Gawker Media blog for the young professional female set (where Egan also writes).  It’s called Pot Psychology.

The concept is simple: these two buddies – he’s gay, she’s not (but publicly touts her widespread promiscuity) – appear onscreen, answering questions about sex submitted by readers.

And, although they don’t necessarily come out and say it, they’re always blazed.

###Every installation of “Pot Psychology” is highly (!) enjoyable, and whenever I watch I always find myself sporting an unmedicated grin from ear to ear.   If you were to take the pot movie genre and subtract bad writing and cloying actors, what you’re left with is  an effortlessly entertaining display of how funny it is to witness genuinely charming, smart buddies try to channel their energy into doling out advice and refraining from hysteric fits of laughter.  

In referring to incest fantasies, waxing, and the ethics of spreading STD’s as if they were flavors of herbal tea, Rich and Tracie refreshingly spare us the “gross out” factor.  Instead they choose to regard taboo subjects like very liberal, grown adults.  Very, very high grown adults.  Sometimes in sunglasses.  And masks.  And with kittens.

At its core, the true joy of Pot Psychology is delivered in the bond shared between Rich and Tracie.  They’re a likable couple.  If anything, you’ll kinda wanna light one up right alongside them.

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