An undergrad degree in Roman History taught me that when propagating a fledgling religion, it’s best to have your soldiers emblazon iconography on their shields before battle and appropriate pre-existing rituals. After watching far too much Tudors (it’s terrible, but I’m hooked in an almost-so-bad-it’s-good kinda way), I’ve learned that it also helps to have a printing press. And spending a lot of time watching online videos, I’ve seen that another great, more modern tactic is YouTube.

To fight back against all the haterz, the Church of Scientology is distributing some good old-fashioned religious propaganda on their very own YouTube channel. You can’t share the videos, you can’t comment, but you can peruse a couple hours of info on the ills of modern pharmaceuticals and other tenants central to the offspring of L. Ron Hubbard, presented in Hallmarky, after-school special, sanctified blandness.

Modern methods of religious edification and proselytization aside, the most interesting question is how the hell did they come up with that tricked out YouTube player? That thing has more customizations than any lay player I’ve seen. Part of the site’s new API? Pretty fancy.


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