Maria Bamford Bows Out

By 04/01/2008
Maria Bamford Bows Out
I was hoping it was just a joke, that over the past several weeks Super Deluxe was building up for an elaborate April Fools’ prank, that it would air the fake finale of what is one of the best shows on the web and then announce how it’d been picked up for another 20 episodes.

But it doesn’t look like that’s the case. On a day when all teh internets are joking around, Maria Bamford is confronting her multiple personalities and saying goodbye.

Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Ask a Ninja often talk about how, given limited budgets for the web, content producers need to boil their show ideas down to the essentials and leverage whatever assets they have. In the case of Ask a Ninja, it was taking an elaborate cartoon – Kinzai Ninjas, which is supposedly still in the works – and reducing it to a Q&A featuring a dude in a $6 ski mask filmed with a broken camera.


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I don’t know the genesis of The Maria Bamford Show, but it’d be difficult to compress it any further. Shot in her house, one woman, playing an ensemble cast, where different wardrobes, accents, and camera angles signify character changes. It’s fast, simple, cheap to produce, and feels tailor made for the web.  That’s part of the reason it works.  

The other parts are that Maria’s hysterical and Minnesota accents are – since no one’s really done them justice sine Martha Generic from Bobby’s World – ripe for comedy.

Break a leg with Blossom in LA, Maria, and hope to see you back on the web (or on a Comedians of Comedy tour or on old TV) sometime soon.

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