The great thing about Indy Mogul is that there are a lot of great things about Indy Mogul, and even if you’re not a wannabe Spielberg on a budget, this Next New Networks do-it-yourself special effects station has elements that will entertain.

One of those is the Test Film. After the talented Erik Beck teaches you how to create super-cool effects (Mortal Kombatesqe cyborg faces, Sci-Fi space helmets, rip a heart out of someone’s chest, etc.) on a ridiculously low budget, he and Justin Johnson put his props to use and shows how his effects can affect the quality of a short film.

Last night, Erik and Justin showed up at Big Screen Little Screen. We learned how to build an “eye in the sky,” remote controlled, camera pod, and watched it catch surveillance footage of an illegal, underground, board game gambling ring. Check out Lock, Stock, and Four Hungry Hippos below:

Sweet video. What’s the secret? In addition to Erik’s effects, Justin says all it takes is “slow motion and a lot of smoke machine.” That, and casting terribly adorable kids as violent mob bosses is sure to make any indy mogul’s film a good one.

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