Last week, I wrote about how SXSW isn’t your average white-collar conference, and how nerds neck deep in the internet know how to have a good time. Rocketboom’s vid of Anil Dash’s epic awesome karaoke-cum-powerpoint-cum-improv presentation elicited a few awestruck e-mails from readers exclaiming how much cooler the event looked than any conferencey thingy they ever attended.

An energetic response., and I didn’t even have the vid embedded of Merlin Mann.  He talked up FlockdUp – “a best-of-breed hosted solution for networking Thought Leaders. Our Enterprise-class suite of tools empowers Topic Experts, Blog Consultants, Marketing Minds, and Social Mediapreneurs to tag, profile, remix, mash-up, *and* monetize every person that they know (or claim to know — we’re not here to judge).”

The 43Folders founder and master of efficiency‘s artfully terrible website took home top prize in Worst Website Ever: That’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work. Roo Reynolds has the footage.  Whether or not you’re a webhead, you should give it a watch. This guy gives a #$%^in’ great presentation that anyone with any colored collar will enjoy:

(My apologies for the obvious post title, but he is.)

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