Channel 102 (Tilzy.TV page) is the New York City version of LA-based Channel 101 (Tilzy.TV page)Don Harmon and Rob Schrab’s monthly, online/offline, competitive comedy film festival of internet awesomeness. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here’s an exemplary how-to from veteran 102ers, Jon and Jess (NSFW – language).

Organized by Tony Carnevale with the blessings of the creators of the original, the first screening took place in February 2005. Since then, Stephen Levinson has taken hold of the film reels and Channel 102 has projected its fair share of classics. Awesome DreamsThe Rewinder, Kirk Damato and Dyna Moe’s Cakey, and Human Giant’s Shutterbugs are but a few.

After a holiday hiatus and the end of a relationship with Tribeca Cinemas, the monthly screening kicked off again last Monday in the back room of a packed Pianos. Here are the episodes that a discerning audience of intoxicated friends, filmmakers, and Tilzy.TV contributors voted into the top five:

Mr. Glasses – Episode 2

Mr. Glasses was conceived by comedy writer/actor and UCBer Mitch Magee. The series follows the trials of a bespectacled Modernist architect who, ever since his architectural style lost favor, builds benevolence instead of buildings. Like the unadorned structures he used to create, the black and white production and robotic script has no frills beyond Mr. Glasses’ one-dimensional companions. In this installment, they help Billy Chestnut find true love through awkward, romantic conversation and, of course, architecture.

###Defenders of Stan – Episode 12

A day before Super Tuesday, the twelfth installment – yes, it’s been voted back every screening for the past year – of Channel 102 favorite, Defenders of Stan had an appropriate election theme. Dirty politics run rampant. The best bits are the surprise ending and the ad campaign where big brother Captain Ultra dons a fake beard to spoof the spot of his younger brother/non-super powered opponent.  

Majestic Dragon – Episode 1

There’s not much to the simple, strange, crudely drawn Majestic Dragon. He’s a dragon, he flies, he apparently likes love and hugs, and doesn’t really make any sense. But that’s why it works.

Welcome to Our House – Episode 5

Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke continue their roles as Natalie Hammer and Nina Hammer-Ortiz in the glam, 1987 women’s how-to, Welcome to Our House. The Sex Offender Registry joke got me chuckling, but the rest of the drug-induced, pre-date trip backed up by Jefferson Airplane seemed to drag.

Police Procedures: NYC Casting 

Acceptable.TV’s (Tilzy.TV page) Law and Order: TV Production Unit showed us that taking a closer look at the production processes of television crime dramas can be very, very funny. Police Procedures: NYC Casting is just as good. In this episode, casting blames wardrobe for an onscreen disaster, wardrobe blames casting, and hilarity ensues.

The fact that Jack of All Trades didn’t make the cut, shows that quality isn’t necessarily what’s measured by a live voting audience, but that’s part of the fun. The next screening is Monday, March 3rd at 7PM with another following at 8:30PM. If you’re in the NYC area, swing by, and say hey.  I’ll be watching.


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