If you need a primer on those spoofy web vids derivative of the original Obama Girl, CNN’s correspondent to the offbeat and eccentric, Jeanne Moos has a good rundown in her Political Video Awards. Seriously. It’s worth a watch.


If you could use an overview of the campaign ads created and endorsed by the candidates, public appearances by the politicos and their supporters, and more constituent-generated contributions, Jeff Jarvis’ Prezvid (Tilzy.TV page) is a definitive source.


If you want live Super Tuesday coverage on the web, you got some options.

Massive traditional media outlets and television networks are offering more simultaneous and original online coverage of the 24 primaries and caucuses than the internet has ever streamed.

###Beginning at primetime, Newsweek editor, Jon Meacham will report and analyze the latest returns with journalists from The Washington Post, Slate and The Root. CNN and ABC News are reporting to have all-day coverage, while MSNBC does the same, except wins major points for getting a handle on this internet thing way before it’s competitors and allowing the simulcast and Brian Williams’ mug to be easily embedded all around the web:



Of course, some of the most interesting and innovative coverage won’t be broadcast by traditional journalists or media outlets. MTV’s think is giving two citizen journalists in each of the Super Tuesday states Nokia 95s with which to stream live video updates of what exactly is going on at polling stations and caucuses.

And “fiercely independent” and internet-age news network, Veracifier (Tilzy.TV page) is teaming up again with citizen journalism outpost and training grounds, The Uptake.  The two will release their “Ground Hounds” all over the country to sniff out original coverage and stories starting at 7PM EST: 


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