Dov Charney is no prude. Sexually suggestive advertisements featuring ethnically ambiguous models in poses inspired by French pornography have been the hallmark of his clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer, American Apparel. This marketing scheme, backed by simple, high-quality products, has proven to be (more or less) effective.

Given his success, it only makes sense that Dov would want to spread the sexy, alternative message of his couture far and wide. That’s why I’m surprised it’s taken them this long for his company to have an official YouTube channel.

Launched less than 24 hours ago, American Apparel Video only features a handful of videos in what looks like will become a a self-indulgent smorgasbord of clothing tips and trends, sexy models, and wannabe counter culture.

I think it’s going to be an obvious hit. Like Ford Models, American Apparel is leveraging its assets of good-looking talent and alt chic to gain more internet relevance. The company’s been lambasted for its unabashed T and A, but having good-looking AA girls show off panties isn’t that much different than having good-looking Ford models show off clothes in changing rooms. It’s just a little more brazen.

Plus, the clothing tips look like they’re gonna be sweet. Below, some skinny dude named Geno teaches the art of aging t-shirts. It’s informative. Seriously (I love worn t-shirts).

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