In a world with limitless TV channels, it makes sense to empower those who will eventually create the content for the new TV.  Justin Johnson was Next New Networks‘ first hire and has, from the beginning, been dedicated primarily to creating awesome promos.  But when the Internet-TV studio began developing niche programming, Justin knew exactly what to push for: a DIY channel for young filmmakers, Indy Mogul (Tilzy.TV Page).

Enter Erik Beck. Erik had been working a “soul crushing job” as a temp in a loan office in Oakland when Justin pushed him to submit a pilot episode of BackyardFX .  He’s s the quintessential 21st century filmmaker — self-taught, sickeningly creative and inventive with a signature self-effacing grin — that I believe embodies the ambitions of his scores of viewers.  Check it…

Anyway, Justin and Erik tell the story better than I…

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The two met through Film Fights, a website created by Justin that links a community of filmmakers.  The spirit of that concept was re-crafted for a younger generation of filmmakers, and what followed is not just an entertaining show chock-full of very useful special FX advice, but a community of young filmmakers with enough talent and ideas to drive future shows….and soon, a space for young filmmakers to share and comment on each other’s work. 

I think the most refreshing part about my meeting with Erik and Justin is sensing just how passionate they really are about creating.  As Justin noted, they’re lucky to be employed doing what they do, but they would make videos anyway to get that proverbial “monkey off their backs.”  They just love the process. 

Whether creating kick-ass content for Next New Networks or working mind-numbing jobs for mindless desk jockeys, while making videos on the site, these guys represent the media revolution.

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