Yesterday, Wallstrip (Tilzy.TV page) founder Howard Lindzon announced that his daily “pop culture meets stock culture” web series was getting a new face. At the top of today’s episode, departing host Lindsey Campbell said new host Julie Alexandria would be “starting soon.”

37 seconds into the episode, without any further introductions or hullabaloo, in what’s possibly the smoothest transition in hosted entertainment history, Alexandria seamlessly continues the episode where Campbell left off, even sporting the same purpley black, silky, low necklined top as her predeessor. Those Wallstrip production peeps are smooth.

When the show was scooped up by CBS last May for a cool few million, part of the purchase price was reportedly Campbell, and the notion that she would be the hot new face for the network’s web entrees (kinda like what Amanda Congdon was supposed to be for ABC, except not horrible). It’s unsurprising that the same day she gives her Wallstrip farewell, Campbell and CBS welcome the impeding arrival of

I’m not too sure on what kind of show it’s going to be.  The news and found footage montage punctuated by a final shot of Campbell looking like a prophetic Storm all under the Gay Nineties tune “And the Band Played On” isn’t crystal clear.  The tagline “Because real news would take real work” lends some hints.

Possibly something Scriggity-like? Or another faux newscast? While the web isn’t at a loss for the latter, something produced with the expertise from Adam Elend and Jeff Marks (both former Wallstrip producers who will follow Campbell to MobLogic) could definitely do well in the space.

So how’s the stock talk show going to fair without its old host? Alexandria has some on-camera internet experience as a correspondent for Heavy News, filled in for Campbell on Wallstrip while she’s been away, and is no less easy on the eyes. Assuming the production and writing stays consistent, she’ll do fine and so will the show. The transition was done so well, if viewers blink they might not even notice a difference.

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