Before Wallstrip, Lindsay Campbell hadn’t traded a stock or hosted a single vlog, but her well-timed and charismatic sense of humor combined with Wallstrip’s team of experts have pushed the site to the forefront of finance podcasts. Created by Howard Lindzon and produced by Brightred PicturesAdam Elend and Jeff Marks (who also writes and directs the show), Wallstrip seeks to both inform and entertain. The kicked off in October 2006, when they covered (what else?) AAPL. Since then, it’s gained an incredible amount of press and a huge number of fans. 

I never thought that anything related to stocks could ignite my interest, but I was wrong. This is a show that appeals both to serious traders (with their stats, expertise, and on-location reporting) and to the market-impaired (with their skits, lively street interviews, and Lindsay’s occasional use of breast implants), luring viewers with industry know-how and keeping them watching with an irreverent sense of humor that isn’t often found in traditional finance journalism. (Think of it as an NYSE Variety Show.)

Each episode showcases a stock, like Crocs, Inc. or Harley Davidson, that is either peaking or being bandied about the press as a hot topic for one reason or another. Viewers who want to learn more about an episode’s stock can check out the Conversation page, where over a dozen bloggers reflect on the subject of the day, often with their own videos.

Brokers, bloggers, traders, investors, and financial writers all sit down for the Wallstrip’s Friday Chats, where in-depth analysis and tips (the legal kind) are offered by some of the industry’s most respected names. But it’s Lindsay who elevates the show from being surprising palatable to worthy of an RSS subscription. One of her best moments is in the Altria (Philip Morris) episode, which serves as an ode to The Office with a marketing consultant from the company “advising” Lindsay on how to brand a company that hates their product, giving her a chance to show off her acting skills, stealing the scene with her Pam-like reactions.

One of my favorite episodes so far discusses Crocs, a popular footwear manufacturer, and ponders the world’s fascination with the incredibly ugly rubber shoes with a cleverly shot video that makes you forget you’re watching a show about stocks.

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