Established in 2005 by Clint Gage, Michael Truly, and Nick Mundy, Team Tiger Awesome (TTA) is an LA-based sketch comedy troupe. The group found initial success with the release of their 28 Day Slater series that documents the one month out of the year that actor Mario Lopez believes he is actually the character he played on Saved By The Bell: AC Slater. (A little like the Brady Bunch Movie where the whole family somehow existed in the 1990’s, but more psychotic). The series debuted on Channel 102 in March of 2006, and the TTA  site was launched later that year.

In addition to its Slater series, TTA produces a number of short films as well as a few episodes and “news” pieces about themselves. The team’s general approach seems to be a combination of parodies on advertising and all things late 80’s/early 90’s with ostensibly immature frat-boy humor that actually proves to be well-thought out and well-executed under closer inspection. Many pieces are set to really awesome music like late 80’s favorite Mr. Big (Happy Valentine’s Day Lisa Nowak Crazy Astronaut Diaper Gun), or Pat Benatar (Bike). Videos can run between 30 seconds and five minutes long and though some could probably benefit from further plot development, the majority are nevertheless generally smart, witty, and entertaining.

Most people don’t know that Dirty Dancing was originally a silent movie from the 1930’s set to ragtime music. Well it wasn’t actually, but TTA could have convinced you with their short film, Dirty Dancing: The Corner’ingation of Baby.

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