Based out of Austin, Texas,  a city well-known for its cinephiles (like the nerd-mavens of Aintitcool), Spill delivers weekly-updated movie reviews of the latest theatrical releases. The format is free-form discussion with on-the-cheap animated characters: Korey, Cyrus, Leon, Caryle and floating robot head Co-Host 3000.

The site was launched in May of 2007 on the Ning social networking platform by Miva Inc., a digital advertising and media company, in a naked attempt to reach the 18-34 male demographic.

The Spill style of movie review is a seemingly free-flowing discussion between two, three or four animated characters, tightly edited to no longer than six minutes. But make no mistake, the characters of the Spill Crew take their jobs seriously, even Co-Host 300, and give both gut reactions and cautioned analysis to each film. Semi-raunchy humor and good-natured ribbing occurs between crew members.  The rating system ranges from “Same Old Bullshit” to the highest honor of “Better Than Sex.” For a rogue’s gallery, The Spill Crew shows surprisingly good taste and delivers insights into the updated crop of movies.

The Spill Crew slams R-rated turkeys and Ben Stiller in their review for The Heartbreak Kid. They praise the efforts of independent British comedian Simon Pegg and the minds behind Hot Fuzz. Reviews are intercut with movie scenes as well as some animated sight-gags from the Spill characters. Personalities are not of the outsized cartoonish variety, but each Spill Crew member has their own tastes.

Sometimes it’s more fun to watch reviewers pick apart a crappy movie than sing the praises of a masterpiece. If you’re in that kind of mood, watch the Spill Crew count the ways that Dane Cook can ruin a movie in their review for Good Luck Chuck.


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