Space Geek was created by astrophysicist, Dr. Jean-Marc Perelmuter.

Doctor-P, as he likes to be called, has been a contributor to AlienZoo (a site dedicated to covering alien, ET, and UFO topics), has published a book called The Sinusoidal Spaghetti (about an astrophysicist with Tourette syndrome), and was a physics professor at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia (a position he said he had to leave because he “got saturated with the academic world”).

This show is his attempt to “place science at the service of humanity and not vice versa.”Space Geek has various two to eight minute informational videos on topics such as Celtic Astronomy, Comets, Global Warming, Vacuums, Evolution, and the Expansion of the Universe.

The videos are written, produced and hosted by Doctor-P and shot in his garage in front of a green screen that’s put to exquisitely good use. The low budget graphics and general production style are reminiscent of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and perfect for educating those of us with short attention spans.

Doctor-P’s hosting style is spastic and excited as he explains the mysteries of the Universe, but still patient and informative, using a combination of historical anecdotes and modern analogies to educate his viewers. It’s evident that former professor thoroughly enjoys his subject matter as well as the opportunity to teach to a much bigger, broader classroom.

Aside from the videos, other features of the site include a Cosmic Calculator that shows you how many times in your lifetime the Earth has rotated and orbited the Sun, how many new stars have been created in the Milky Way galaxy and by how many Solar Systems the Universe has expanded. The first chapter of Doctor-P’s book, The Sinusoidal Spaghetti, is also available to read or print.

In his video, “Ice Cream Trucks in Outer Space”, Doctor-P describes comets as cosmic ice cream trucks that preserved and delivered the building blocks of life to earth. But as he explains, “The creator may be the destroyer.”


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